Final chapter?

Micah Moore is free.  Prosecutor drops murder charge against Micah Moore.

A defense motion filed Oct. 9 said Moore’s DNA and fingerprints on Bethany and the murder location in addition to the handwriting analysis that showed the supposed suicide note was in Bethany's handwriting.

I am not a crime scene investigator or FBI agent, but I wonder if the prosecutor has ever heard or wearing gloves?  Or Making someone write a note under duress?  This would easily negate these findings I believe.  Also, the defense brought up the fact that a week earlier she had been temporarily admitted to TMC on suicide watch.  While this is definitely a point in the defense, I think it could also be conceivable that Micah used the suicide note that maybe Bethany wrote for that attempt to plant on her after her murder.  That would also explain how the note found was also in her handwriting!

Did Micah Moore get away with murder?  He did confess to it...   He is now a free man.  

Tyler Deaton now suspended from high school teaching job!

Tyler Deaton has not YET been charged in connection with the murder of Bethany Deaton. Micah Moore said that he killed Bethany Deaton because Tyler Deaton wanted to keep Bethany quiet about the religious cult they were in. Micah also claimed that he and other members had ritual sexual relationships with Bethany.

While Moore is awaiting charges in Kansas City, Missouri, Tyler Deaton moved to Lancaster, Texas. He passed a background check and obtained a job teaching high school. Some of his students sensed something was not right and started searching the internet for more information.

After the information spread throughout the the Lancaster Independent School District, Deaton was placed on leave. Deaton has not been charged, so he did pass the required background check...

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